I’m Tania, and along with my husband Nick and our two boys, we own LongDayz.

I’m a kindergarten teacher and after working for 18 years at the local Torbay Kindergarten I decided I needed a change.

I live in Long Bay and have watched the Long Bay Village develop and grow. As I watched, I wondered what shops would go in to all the retail spaces.

It was awesome but was lacking something, fresh and exciting clothes shops. I had to drive past the Village to go shopping. I love being able to walk to my local shops and grab a coffee or some food but there were no clothing shops I could go and grab the latest dresses or a new hoodie. 

Living local we could see what the locals would wear to get their coffees, talking to locals we knew what they wanted to shop for in our area. 

So, we thought if no one else is going to do it why don’t we. 

The dream was born… owning and running a local Surf, Skate, and casual clothing shop right in the heart of our local village.   

Pop in to have a chat and pick up the latest clothes or grab a towel on your way to the beach.   

We would love to meet you. 

Tania, Nick and our Boys x 

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